Thursday, March 16, 2017

"The Forgotten Irish" Event at the National Archives Tonight

Tonight, the National Archives is hosting the release of The Forgotten Irish: Irish Immigrant Experiences in America, by Damien Shiels.  Mr. Shiels has impressive credentials as an archaeologist and military history writer.

The title is intriguing. According to the editorial write ups, the 35 families whose stories are told within its pages were (East Coast) families of soldiers who died in the Civil War. I would expand the "forgotten" category to include the pre-Civil War settlers in Missouri's Irish Wilderness!

The event will be live streamed on youtube.  I for one will be watching.

St Patricks Day

In honor of St. Patrick and my Irish ancestors, Lens & Pen Press is offering Mystery of the Irish Wilderness ($18.95 retail) for $15, postage paid, during the month of March!  Order your copy at:

COMING IN 2017: JAMES FORK OF THE WHITE: Transformation of an Ozark River.  
Sample pages from this new book can be seen at 
Our earlier 'river book,' DAMMING THE OSAGE, can be seen at

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